Within Alber Holding Group there are operating 12 companies,
which develop and coordinate major residential,
industrial and commercial projects.
2.700 Apartments
ARED Division (Arad Real Estate Developer) was established in 2005. Is the most important member of Alber Holding in what concerns turnover and number of developed projects. Its managerial team is the group’s most experienced one.

Until now, ARED sold more than 2500 apartments, a care centre for elderly people and more than 60.000 sqm of halls and office buildings. The company is currently developing residential projects in Arad and Oradea.
700 Apartments
Alphaville division is currently developing important projects in Brasov. First project completed in Brasov was formed of 4 wings (B1, B2, B3, C) totalling 197 turnkey housing units and 8 commercial premise. At this moment all housing units are sold and delivered to the new owners.

Currently, the division is developing the Alphaville 3 project, situated in the same quarter Racadau. This one shall be formed of 2 buildings containing a total number of 172 apartments and will be completed in October 2017. Simultaneously, a new project will be developed, formed of 3 buildings with a number of 350 apartments and 2 commercial premises.
The Carmina Division, member of Alber Holding, was established in 2008. Spread over an area of more than 60 hectares in the immediate vicinity of the city, Via Carmina developed over 220 houses and made viable more than 500 land plots (access roads, electricity, sewerage, water and gas networks, street lightning). In parallel, the customers built other 100 self-constructed houses.

Via Carmina area has already a structure of connected community, with public utilities constructions such as: a palliative care hospital, an office building, a church with multifunctional halls for various activities.
780 apartments
City of Mara
City of Mara is the first city in the city concept in Timisoara. It is a residential complex that undoubtedly catches you through the project's scale, through the types of available apartments, but especially through the new experience of habitation ensured by the developer to its future residents.

Situated in the heart of the city on the banks of Bega, the City of Mara project brings a breath of fresh air on the real estate market, combining architectural elements and modern colours, in the city's style.
Citadela Division, member of Alber Holding group was established in 2011 in Cluj-Napoca, with the purpose to develop the real estate project Citadela Residence, on a surface of 5,8 hectares in the city's western area, currently completed and sold. Beginning with 2016 a new construction of 100 houses type in line, duplex and individual was initiated.

In September 2016 Citadela Residence started in Bucharest, it's first project in the Romanian capital. The residential complex located in an exceptional area, the Tineretului quarter, will involve an important number of apartments.
200 Clients
Imotrust Facility Management
Imotrust Facility Management, established in 2012 offers a complex range of services covering: rapid interventions, predictive and preventive technical maintenance, administrative services, cleaning services, landscaping and maintenance of green spaces, archiving services, document management services, property management services, at competitive standards and prices. Their qualifications and partnerships place the company amongst the top of the FM players in the region. The most famous clients of Imotrust Facility Management are: ISS Facility Services, Dachser Romania, Takata, Leoni Wiring System, Panduit European Solutions, Heineken, Delphi etc.
Warehouses / Lands / Assets
Imotrust Partners Management
Imotrust Partners Management is a property management company that currently manages other Alber Holding companies.

Imotrust Partners Management's activity is focused on the lease and sale of assets, warehouse and industrial production facilities and project management. The team is formed by experienced members and the company is managed by a partner who was involved in this business since its founding.
The Nordic Division was established in 2012, when Alber Holding extended its activities in the city of Bacau. In this city, Nordic has rehabilitated a building, all the 49 modernized apartments being entirely sold.

The Nordic Division's central registered office is in Timisoara, where the company continues to develop the Nordic Residence brand. Initially a quarter formed of 29 houses, in the period 2016-2020, will be extended in a top residential complex, Nordic Residence Park, which shall contain 180 houses situated around a park built by the developer in surface of over 5000 sqm. The residential complex is situated in the North area of Timisoara.
500 Houses and Apartments
Romana Division, part of Alber Holding, became one of the main real estate developer in Arad. The activity is focused on the development of residential projects, houses and apartments. More than 400 built apartments and houses means happy families, bold ideas and projects made with a lot of work and commitment.

Some of the representative projects are: Bermo , premium residential project developed in Arad, Via Romana, residential complex of apartments situated in Arad's central area (both sold at a rate of 99%) and Romana Residence , the residential quarter of houses on which the development is currently focused.
500 Apartments
Vivalia is the youngest Alber Holding division, designed, developed and based on the experience acquired in the group's real estate sector, managed by a partner manager, member of the Alber Holding team for over 17 years.
Vivalia represents an innovative approach, a new generation of apartments: comfortable, modern, smart.

In 2015, Vivalia has completed and sold entirely a residential complex of 79 apartments with 1, 2 and 3 rooms in Arad. In Timisoara is finishing the second project: Vivalia Soarelui consisting of 60 apartments with 2 and 3 rooms and developing the new project Vivalia Complex. In May 2017, the company launches Vivalia Grand, a new residential project located in the Tipografilor area.

Empowering communities

The projects we are developing now will constitute a durable heritage of merit and efficiency.
This is our corporate philosophy.
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