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Job available in Timisoara
Job responsibilities:
Monitoring the process of project design and approval, from the phase concept, DTAC, PT and DDE, and support on request.
Provides support and monitors the design and architecture design for real estate developers.
Improving residential, industrial, commercial and commercial buildings concepts / projects by disseminating practical examples from similar projects;
Legal Adviser
Job available in Timisoara
Job responsibilities:

Manages the legal activity within the company, providing with priority the expertise in the field of commercial law;
Prepares / analyzes / makes proposals for different types of contracts, manages their approval, signing and registration;
Participate in negotiations and recommend the necessary legal solutions;
Available in Brasov
Job responsibilities:

Registration withdrawn by the bank, house register, accounts;
Records vendor invoices, draws NIR and BC;
Check your VAT Purchase Journal;
Issuing invoices from the Ciel program;
Manages various reports to management;

Empowering individuals

During years, we have created a large number of working places and sustainable jobs that have
offered significant opportunities for professional development to each person we have employed.
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