About Us

Alber Holding is a private capital group of companies
specialized in the development, coordination and implementation of
real-estate projects of various sizes, on the real-estate market.

We invest confidence

Before investing capital and expertise, we invest confidence. First of all, we invest confidence in our own company, a company that will grow and develop continuously proving its abilities, through projects and performance of excellence. In a world of interdependencies, it is essential to understand that everyone's success depends on the success of all others. We invest confidence in our partners. We trust those who form the team. We know that inside this team we shall always find the resources of competence, integrity and innovation that company needs.

We are loyal and committed

We feel that is our duty to prove loyalty and commitment in all aspects of our work. There are people around our company who give us credit every day. We have to answer it with a strong commitment of loyalty. We understand to correctly treat all our customers and to be permanently open and minding of their needs. The business partnerships we develop are efficiency-oriented and loyal just like our attitude towards our shareholders, whose interests we respect with honesty and transparency.

We continuously innovate

Concentrated mainly on our own performance, we are always willing to learn new things and innovate.The efficiency direction our company has gone so far implied a great deal of challenges. We were able to cope with them only learning continuously, yet willing to adapt and discover the resources of development within ourselves and the business environment.We acknowledge competence and follow the models of value offered by the market experience and the working together with other professionals.

The history of a successful story

In 2019, Alber Holding has celebrated 25 years of activity on the Romanian market. In 2020, Alber Holding will reach another important milestone: 7 000 flats and houses completed. New families will move in all the new homes, creating united communities in the cities where we conduct projects. Our corporate portfolio also includes over 150 000 sqm of warehouse, made possible using our own resources and raised funds, in which more than 108 companies are running their businesses.
2019 - we celebrate 25 years of activity on the Romanian market.
2018 - we complete and deliver 6000 residential units, new houses and apartments.
2016 - we continue the extension in Romania, through new projects started in Timisoara, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Arad and Oradea.
2011 - the industrial areas developed by Alber Holding's companies exceed, a surface of 150 000 sqm
2009 - we develop and urbanize premises for large retailers: Kaufland Oradea, Cora Bacau, Lidl Brasov
2004 - we complete and sell the first apartment building
2003 - the conversion of our company's core business activity starts, the focus shifting from trading activities to the real estate sector
1994 - a flower shop is the first business of what we name Alber Holding today
We believe that our company's activity, as well as its organizational culture, should always relate to the
synthetic value of excellence. Therefore, excellence is our target value.

Creating Landmarks

City of Mara
Circumvalatiunii Road, no. 1
Timisoara, Romania
+40 799 933 001
Stadionului Street, no. 16
Brasov, Romania
+40 731 144 144
Via Carmina
Via Fortuna Street, no. 16
Arad, Romania
+40 733 448 888
Romana Residence
Petru Rares Street, Gradiste
Arad, Romania
+40 736 300 400
Pictor Zaicu Street
Timisoara, Romania
+40 730 022 945
Zimbrului Street, no. 8
Timisoara, Romania
+40 731 444 111
Imotrust Arad
Bicaz Street, no. 1-5
Arad, Romania
+40 732 790 790
Imotrust Timisoara
Armoniei Street, no. 27
Timisoara, Romania
+40 732 790 790
Alber Holding Arad
Revolutiei Boulevard, no. 55
Arad, Romania
+40 732 790 792
Alber Holding Timisoara
Armoniei Street, no. 27
Timisoara, Romania
+40 732 790 792
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